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23 Feb 2016

My students better than yours! 

So I said DON’T SLEEP! I hope you didn’t and you’re readying this back to back from my last blog. This one is from today, day 4 LFW. This morning I woke with a spring in my step and it was more to do with the day ahead than my naughty Chi, Dolly leaving a dismantled toy for my feet to grace on stepping to the floor. Not only did it shock me into creating the hair I wore for the entire day! (Thanks Dolls) But it also got me thinking….. Where are all my students at? 

I remember being a student, the anticipation of LFW, any fashion week would keep me up. I know one student that wouldn’t of been sleeping last night and that was the show I was most looking forward to today. Magdalena Jacobs my ex student and stylist to the #lanternsense show .

The excitement when one of my students achieves is beyond any five guys! (Okay I said five guys because I am addicted to the place) it’s the gold star, it’s the “yay” they made it. It’s why I teach. 

So day four and I am off to Lantern sense show the brands debut at LFW. On entering the venue I was graced with Sam and Lottie from simplybe take over. Two lovelies that not only collared my Wife much to her horror! She was having a dress down day even with orange hair. Stella’s (my wife)  first LFW show, yes I know how can she possibly be married to me and not be dragged kicking and screaming. The truth, it’s my work, yes I love it. But also its my existence through fashion weeks and Stella likes to let me get on with it. Truth be told when I am in show season I am like a blinkered horse ready to get let out the gates. This show was about supporting MJ so we were there together. NOT WORK, just play. 

The show was inspired by the work of Mark Rothko and early commercial grunge. This was going to be something different and I was on the edge of my seat to see what styling had been delivered. I was not disappointed the lights went out and the models took to the catwalk with the most amazing silver chains and what looked like earrings and safety pinned embellished hair. The warm tones of the collection were rebellious yet completely true to the theme with fresh flowers making a direct reference to Rothko’s influence. Custom made safety pins and eyelets used on jackets gave a very individual look on the catwalk to what we have seen this week. The patent leather, treated faux leather and sherling perfectly contrasted the knits. Palettes of soft grey, cream, peach and beige, natural green foliage set off the bright red, burgundy and brown. 



The show was finished and I was left thinking about my students again. All that I do is worth the hours of talking, the lectures the examples, the follow up emails, the motivational talks and let’s get real the team spirit chants I’ve taken to of recent months! I am going to start the yoga of fashion champions soon! 

The viewing floor I explored (review tomorrow) whilst trying to steal my Wife back from press! Her dressing down didn’t work this time and next time (yes! I hope there will be a next time) she will work the press even harder! Work it, work it, Mrs London. 

Now time for a lay down! I’ve had a word with Dolly and hopefully no surprises under foot tomorrow, ah! Day 5 at LFW…… Now time to dream…..
London love forever 

Lucy London Xx 

Lantern Sense Getty images LGW

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