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23 Feb 2016

All rise for the McQueen

Sunday a day of rest well it looks that way as it’s Monday! I am running through the Sunday LFW fix real quick and onto today’s amazing shows. 

Third day LFW (Sunday) and it was my favourite so far with Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Not to mention (oh go on I hear you cry) Temperly London and Topshop Unique. 

Pour yourself a drink and kick off your Maribo shoes. What Maribo shoes? Get some! Look now! Pre order if you do not have fluff on your foot according to Topshop Unique collection you will not be on the guest list. 

If fluff and heels don’t get your Cosmo squirling let’s take a look at Temperly London as I am sure you will not be disappointed. In true Temperly style the layered fabrics and embroidered modesty where replacements for last seasons sequins. We saw swollow birds cascaded with ribbon and flowers. It really was a floating sea of soft fabrics teamed with structured jackets. All jackets with a touch of embroidery to tie the look together. Bellowing sleeves and beautiful layers of teased chiffon completed the collection that I can only describe as therapy to the eye. 

Now before we lay back for further therapy, don’t take those fluffy heels off quite yet. 

We saw the forever pattern cutting genius that is our one and only Westwood. I was recently asked “Why do you wear so much Westwood because once you’ve seen one piece you’ve seen them all?” Apart from deleting this moron from all my electronic devices and had bared immediately for bad taste and frankly not appreciating the fundermental rules of design, I had a strong coffee, repositioned my tumberling hair and tried to continue my day without ordering a hit man! 

Over three decades ago Vivienne Westwood inspired me to study Fashion. To drape the way she does and suspend on the human form to me is breathtaking. If you like the style or not, anyone who cannot appreciate the silhouette in my book is not worthy of discussing fashion. My gushing is over and although I may admire a style or designer, my opinions are always formed professionally. 

The VW show was as expected, full of colours, signature tartan and socks and shoes! Now that we have to discuss. I am a lover of socks and shoes. In my opinion they look hot! Not to mention I live in London and to get good use out of half my collection I need to wear socks. Secondly I have small feet, add socks and bingo, great fitting shoes. The layering of garments, texture and colour was created with all the eccentricity you would expect from the Dame. If your into gold and silver fingers (not the James Bond type) you will also be in. I, on the other hand lived for the Mac clumped mascara that was shown on models, not only for my lazy make up days but also the exaggerated feminine gaze. Ladies Westwoods make up was hypnotic and one to view. 

Topshop Unique 

Now Topshop is always a show I like to use to lecture from. I like to show other brands against the high street (luxury) I always eagerly await the brands offering and like to see my students reaction to a brand they are used to interacting with. This seasons show apart from the to die for fluffy shoes, the thigh made more of an appreance than anything else. Every skirt or dress was slit up as high as the eye would dare. Creating a stunning shape and me praying for at least 3 foot more leg! One area of interest if my prayers are not answered were the bows that we are seeing appear in nearly every show. Unique applying to shoes (so if the fluff is too much go with a bow! Any less than fem girls out there we may be struggling!) Slim leather belts tied into bows around the waist, may be the way to go, more of a visual accessory than any for keeping your trousers up! 

Now on to The Queen. 

I sometimes have to remind myself to breath before the start of a show. The long awaited first glimps of fabric! The hair! The make up! The cameras! The hysteria that is my business. There is nothing like a show. Sarah Buron for McQueen was worth the baited breath. A complete jewled fantasy was what we were given. A jewellery box explosion of hair embellishment and garments that were so exquisitely detailed, sheer dresses, capes with moons and stars. The collection was breathtaking and Sarah can now put her feet up on maternity leave as the show was her last before her impending birth. 

All that excitement and it’s time for a lay down! But not before I scream you through the next days events! READ THE NEXT BLOG BEFORE YOU 1. GO OUT! 2. GO TO BED! 3. Practice clumped mascara look aka Westwoods girls. 

London love 


McQueen LFW

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