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19 Feb 2016

Fashion’s forgotten…  

Good evening it’s taken me this long to get over the excitement of the day…. Even though it has mostly been spent horizontal. 

I am writing from my sick bed and the kick up the proverbial to get this blog started. 

Colleges, students and friends have for years  been asking, “why don’t you start a blog?” “Why don’t you write what you teach us?” “Why don’t you write about what you’re doing today!?” The answer has always been “I will, when I get a minute!” The minute has arrived! And when better to start than when it’s the opening day of #LFW. I should be there but I am in my sick bed! Not “oh poor me I have a sniffle!” Or “oh I have a migraine coming on!” I’ve heard them all…. I am fully bed bound. The only thing that would keep me and fashion apart! I can’t put my feet to the floor. Spinning floors and feeling a little less than myself is something I have been familiar with in the past, but on this occasion there is no glitter ball, no cosmos and more to the point, no bloody point! 

So on that note I am going to lay while typing my thoughts on LFW and open a discussion on the students working LFW unpaid for the experience. This may sound a bit dramatic and after four antibiotics, a handful of paracetamol and copious amounts of the clear stuff (water not vodka) I may be a bit on the sparkly side but serious from someone who has worked many, LFW’s I was once the person desperate to make a cocktail, hold a rail or simply polish the shoe for a hand in a show. The #guardian wrote a fantastic piece on the ‘Students are so in this season’ and it got me thinking… 

So I wanted to explore the Unknown personalities of LFW (view link below) let’s not be stupid even in my heavily medicated state we all know the genius’ the designers have worked tirelessly to create, stylists have been working for months in prep and all those involved in such a massive success. But and here’s the question how much do we rely on students and how much is too much? 

I have been working in the industry for too many years to disclose without the maths being done and have been an international fashion industry professional educating at #UAL #LCF for over a decade as well as working freelance styling and editorial. Now embarking on my own fashion academy, mentoring and leading the next generation of fashion pros. Meeting talent is something I do on a daily. 

The characters you meet along the way, (working with or teaching) you never forget their faces and tears on their journey into the world of fashion. 
That’s what LFW and every other bloody week in fashion is about. Blood, sweat and tears for your craft. In fact there is an army of talented students behind every fashion event and show. The none identifiables I like to call them. Oh you know who I am talking about, you may even be one of them! Don’t get me wrong to be named and glorified is not for all, but we are discussing recognition of work and that my friends, is something that goes by everyday without a mere mention. Earning your stripes as it is seen is the tea making of the office, taping shoes, clipboards flipping, not to mention garments too precious to touch. Our students are lending hands, beads of sweat, (not too much sweat) bodies and brains to earn their knowledge. On the job knowledge that so many of us have had to sweat out. Education comes in two forms. 1. Lecture, static learning, leadership from experienced industry pros and 2. Sweat, anxiety and pure joy of being involved in the best business in the world. ‘Fashion’

But when is gaining your experience being taken advantage of? I wonder how many fashion students have decided enough is enough and there is another calling for them. Have we lost talent or were they just not strong enough to withstand the game? Is there asking too much in fashion? Or do you just have to do what you have to do? I hear unrepeatable stories from students of demands and expectations. (We will discuss these another day unmedicated)

As I prepare the only cocktail I am allowed for another few days, (a fistful of antibiotics) Remember the theatre is played out by many more members than the cast, love the orchestra. 

Love forever Lucy London Xx 

 The guardian the faces behind LFW 2016

Students our people power of LFW 2016

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